Memory for reporters

Dear friend!

The nomination “Memory of the dead journalists in hot spots” is dedicated to the dead journalists of the WORLD in the performance of their professional duties.

On May 3, the UN Assembly proclaimed World Press Freedom Day.
This decision was the result of the work of the General Conference of UNESCO. World Press Freedom Day provides the international community with the opportunity to pay tribute to professional media professionals who have died in the line of duty.

The Humanity within the War Association, the organizer of the contest, erected a monument to fallen journalists in hot spots since 1992. all over the world in the city of Gorizia (Italy).
May 3, 2018 The grand opening of the monument took place. The opening ceremony was attended by the official authorities of Italy, the clergy, the journalistic community of Italy, representatives of the military departments and other public figures. A golden memory book was created at the monument, which contains the names of the dead journalists and which is replenished with all the journalistic organizations of the world. The book is kept in the Queen of the World church (in memory of all mothers who lost their sons in the war) in the city of Radipuli.

Dear participant of the contest, and you have the opportunity to perpetuate the memory of the dead journalists of your country and the whole world through our contest through the drawing.