The regulation on the competition

International children’s drawing contest “Humanity inside the war”

“Humanity inside the war” – the project was created to help the youth community learn real history, it also encourages discussion of war and war for a more complete understanding of the tragedy of events taking place in the war and post-war period. The focus of the Humanity inside the war project is the individual and collective aspects of humanity in military events, the desire to highlight elements and situations that go in the direction of respect for the opponent, man or woman, even if he wears a different form or belongs to a different culture.

The project “Humanity inside the war” is based on the historical story “What an amazing guy,” written by Ferdinando Pascolo. “What an amazing guy” is Ferdinando Pascolo’s historical novel about an Italian soldier (with pseudonym “Silla” is from Friuli) who at first fought on the territory of the USSR and then in partisan resistance against the fascist regime in Italy.

In the novel, the author describes his personal life until the last days of World War II. The story of Silla is full of humanity, nobility and altruism, despite the historical context and political criticism of the war, where the other side is a clear enemy. Ferdinando Pascolo in his book does not talk about hostilities, but tells how he managed to feed and satisfy the basic needs of soldiers in this difficult war. These pages give us a moral lesson in full.

Excerpt from UNESCO Constitutional Law:

“Since wars are born in the human soul, it is the human soul that should be brought up in defense of the world,” became a source of inspiration for the project “Humanity inside the war”

The 33rd Executive Board of the UNESCO World Federation was held in 2013 in Lucca and Florence. UNESCO, striving for peace, March 10, 2013, in Lucca, noted with his medal project “Humanity inside the war”. The next day, a general meeting of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations took place in Florence, on the occasion of which March 11 was declared the International Day of “Global Ethics”.

The “Global Ethics” it is an individual and at the same time collective behavior that can cope with the existing global crisis, which affects not only the economy, but also the environment, the values ​​of civilizations and etc.

We realize that the memory of the past is necessary for understanding the present and respect for the memory, which must also be restored through the language of the heart, feelings, emotions. Only in such a simple but effective way can we attract young people to study and study history.

The contest of drawings “Humanity inside the war” aims to ensure that young people look beyond the boundaries of customs, beyond the boundaries of known, proposed and systematized events in order to discover, explore and improve their spirit. This new spirit will allow young people to finally overcome the barren contrasts and conflicts, restore the sense of humanity, allowing them to make history true, by choosing and deed, intertwining it with their own lives and the lives of others.

Brief description of the project (project activities)

“Humanity inside the war” is an international children’s drawing contest for children, adolescents and youth from 7 to 19 years. Students of general education, art schools, studios, circles, colleges, lyceums, institutions of additional education, students of secondary specialized educational institutions and individuals aged 7 to 19 years in three age categories can participate in the competition:
– 7 to 10 years
– 11 to 14 years old
– 15 to 19 years old

The competition is held in the following seven categories:
– “What an amazing guy” (Based on the book by Ferdinando Pascolo)
– “Connection of generations”
– “Eternal memory” (On the basis of the monuments and war memorials)
– The memory of the fallen journalists in hot spots
– “Family and faith” is the Contest of iconography

To attract participants to the contest, newsletters with the Regulations on the Festival are sent to the relevant organizations. All who wish to participate in the competition are registered on the event website. Viewing the works of participants in various categories takes place in absentia (distance) forms on the basis of publicity and openness. An international jury evaluates electronically and recommends children’s creative work for the exhibition. The international jury consists of competent members: creative unions, artists, art historians, designers, representatives of public organizations and etc.

The jury selects 200 works that will be presented by the exhibition at a ceremony in Italy, in Udine. According to the results of the selection rounds in Udine, an exhibition of the works of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside the war” will be held where the works of 200 participants will be exhibited, among which 20 winners in nominations and age categories will be selected. At this event, prize winners and winners of the competition will be noted and awarded. For the best works in each nomination (in each age category), participants will be awarded with Diplomas, Diplomas and valuable gifts (medals, cups and certificates), which will be presented in person at the Official Award Ceremony or (if it is not possible to participate) will be sent to the specified participant in the application form address.

The final stage of the project is the creation of a photo catalog of 200 works by the winners of the international children’s contest “Humanity inside the war”. Everyone can visit the photo exhibition of the works of the finalists.

Project Geography

Children’s drawing contest “Humanity inside the war” is international. Children from any country can take part in the project.


Application Start Date – 22.06.2020
Application End Date – 10.01.2021

Social significance of the project

Children’s drawing competition “Humanity inside the war” is a socially significant project of international level, based on the historical novel “What an amazing guy” and is aimed at:
– the formation by means of fine art in children, adolescents and youth of a sense of active citizenship;
– promoting peace and security by expanding the cooperation of peoples in the study of the history and culture of the peoples of the world;
– preservation of the memory of veterans of World War II, local wars and military conflicts;
– Strengthening the spiritual connection between people of different generations;
– development of the creative potential of children.

The competition is aimed at encouraging young people to do historical research, discussing democracy, universal equality, solidarity and the rule of law and human rights.

The project is marked and received the support of UNESCO. The international children’s drawing contest “Humanity inside the war” is part of and opens a new page for the “Global Ethics” project. And the main message of the competition is the formation of awareness among the young generation at the local, national and international levels of the desire to preserve what surrounds us, from individual communities to the entire planet.

Project Target Groups

Children and adolescents, large families, veterans, youth and students…

Project objectives

– Conducting the International Children’s Drawing Competition “Humanity inside the war” for children, adolescents and youth from 7 to 19 years old, in Italy. Udine with the involvement of 121 states that supported the draft resolution condemning the attempts to heroize and rehabilitate Nazism.
– Attracting young people to historical issues in order to once again motivate and generate greater awareness, strengthen the civic consciousness of the younger generation, increase the level of civil responsibility for the fate of the country and readiness to defend the homeland, strengthen the sense of ownership of the young generation in the history of the events of World War II, ensure continuity of generations and the education of a citizen who loves his homeland, has an active life position, as well as the identification and support of talented children.

Project Executive Sheet

– Creation of an information portal to cover the events of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside the war”.
– Organizational support and coverage of the regional qualifying stages of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside the war” in the countries participating in the competition.
– Providing information support for project activities.
– Conducting in Udine the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside the war”.
– Creation of a photo catalog “Humanity inside the war” in Italian, Russian and English with photo works of exhibition participants (finalists).


Association “Humanity inside the war” (Italy)

Project Partners (Patronage)

The list of contest partners is available at page link…

Further development of the project

The international children’s drawing contest “Humanity within the war” is planned to be held annually.