The regulation on the competition


The children’s drawing contest “Humanity inside War” is an international one. Children from any country can take part in the project.


  • Application start date – 15.11.2021
  • Deadline for accepting applications – 15.08.2022

Terms of participation

The competition is open to students of general education, art schools, studios, clubs, colleges, lyceums, institutions of additional education, students of secondary special educational institutions and individuals aged 7 to 19 years in three age categories:

  • 7 to 10 years
  • 11 to 14 years
  • 15 to 19 years

The competition is held in the following seven categories


The application for participation must be submitted in your personal account on the event website on the page Registration

When registering, the following are specified

  • Full name of the participant
  • Birthday
  • Participant’s contact phone number (required for communication in case of reaching the final or winning)
  • Country of residence
  • Participant’s email address (required for communication in case of reaching the final or winning)

After registration

Mandatory conditions

  • One registration – one participant
  • Participant’s profile photo
  • Photo of a work or works


  • Leave some additional information about yourself in the “About me” field
  • Do not forget to specify your educator, if there is one

Rules for registration of works

  • In case of absentee participation, a photo in electronic form in JPG format no more than 2Mb and no more than 600 dots per inch is sent through the website
  • The format of the contest entries is no more than 60 cm. on the larger side
  • Each participant can apply for several nominations (optional), only one work (drawing, icon, etc.) is submitted for each nomination.
  • Works can be performed in all genres of fine art
  • The technique of execution of works is free within the limits of permissible creative possibilities


  • The account is considered when the mandatory conditions for uploading your photos and photo works are met!
  • Accounts that violate the mandatory conditions are deleted!

Evaluation of works

  • Viewing the works of the participants of the young talent contest in various nominations takes place in absentia (remote) forms on the terms of publicity and openness. The electronic jury evaluates and recommends children’s creative works in the amount of 200 works for the exhibition.
  • The competent International Jury consists of members of creative unions, artists, art critics, designers, representatives of public organizations.

Criteria for evaluating works

  • Originality and expressiveness of the composition
  • Imagery of artistic solutions
  • Color and graphic culture
  • Technique and quality of execution

Executive list of the project

  • Creation of an information portal to cover the events of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside War”.
  • Organizational support and coverage of the regional qualifying stages of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside War” in the participating countries.
  • Providing information support for project activities.
  • Holding an exhibition of the International Children’s Drawing Contest “Humanity inside War” in Udine.
  • Creation of a photo catalog “Humanity inside War” in Italian, Russian and English with photo works of the exhibition participants (finalists).