Stringher Institute Online Conference


January 15, 2021 held an online conference with the teachers of the “Stringher – Udine” Institute for senior students, dedicated to the historical novel “What an amazing guy”.
The honorary guests of the conference were the honorary professor of the university, the son of the protagonist of the novel, Paolo Pascolo, and the Director for Eastern Europe, the official representative of the “Humanity inside the War” Association, General Director of the Zur Art Foundation, Marat Shakrizyanov.

Paolo Pascolo tells the story of the events reflected in the book, that the Association “Humanity inside the War” spreads values in the social and humanitarian spheres, aimed at educating the younger generation. Marat Shakirzyanov spoke about the contest “Humanity inside the War”, presenting several drawings of children, told how many and which countries take part in the competition.
Other representatives of the university and public figures also spoke at the conference.