History of the international children’s drawing contest “Humanity inside the war”

The project “Humanity inside the war” is based on the historical story “What an amazing guy”, written by Ferdinando Pascolo. “What an amazing guy” is a historical novel by Ferdinand Pascolo-alias “Silla” originally from Friuli, about an Italian soldier who first fought on the territory of the USSR, and then in the partisan resistance against the fascist regime in Italy.

In the novel, the author describes his personal life until the last days of world war II. The history of Silla is full of humanity, generosity and altruism, despite the historical context and political criticism of a war where the other side is a clear enemy.

Ferdinando Pascolo in his book does not talk about military operations, but tells how he managed to feed and meet the basic needs of soldiers in this difficult wartime. It is these pages that give us a full moral and ethical lesson.