Prof. Paolo Pascolo: video message to participants

Dear boys and girls,
despite the cage Covid put us all into, the results of the first International Drawing Contest for Children “Humanity inside the War” were astonishing; we received more than 6500 drawings from 15 different countries, all of them beautiful; we had to select just 200 for the finals, and since there must be some winners we were forced to chose only 20 in the end.
The Presidency of the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centers (FICLU) decided to further recognize your efforts, choosing another work form the ones not yet awarded, and the same will do the U.N.I.R.R. Those added recognitions will be announced on September 19th 2021 at the Cargnacco Temple near Udine, where so many fallen soldiers lay, their lives taken by atrocious political choices.
none of this would have been possible without your enthusiastic participation, and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart. The message of peace, along with the recognition of out mutual identities coupled with the highest respect for anyone, it’s at the core of the educative project “Humanity inside the War” and you were able to express it perfectly. This way, you become the vectors of this way to embody the fraternity bond who must make us recognize we are all linked, and I encourage you to keep your efforts up, hopefully choosing to participate in our contest again and to spread the feelings your artworks so well expressed to your friends and families.
With this brief video I speak on behalf of the Italian members of the International Jury, and it’s with them that I deeply thank you again, and I ask you again to be the champions of the universal message represented by Humanity inside the War.