“Humanity within the war” is an international drawing competition for children, adolescents and youth from 7 to 19 years old. The competition is intended for students from secondary schools, art schools, studios, circles, colleges, lyceums, institutions of additional education, as well as students of secondary special educational institutions and individuals aged 7 to 19 years in three age categories:

  • 7 to 10 years
  • 11 to 14 years old
  • 15 to 19 years old

The competition is held in the following categories:

  1. “What an amazing guy” (Based on the book by Ferdinando Pascolo)
  2. “Connection of generations”
  3. “Eternal memory” (Based on monuments and war memorials)
  4. The memory of the fallen journalists in hot spots
  5. “Family and faith”
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What an amazing guy
Connection of generations
Eternal memory
Memory for reporters
Family and faith

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Obirqulov Salimjon
Бейбутов Далгат
Дарья Костевич
Ева Краснова
Екатерина Коконина
Савельева Анастасия
Manon Bayadyan
Tsui Kami
Fung Ho Chi
Aziza Anvarova
Esmer Mamedova
Мария Смага
Наргиза Камилова
Дарья Першина
Виктория Немшон

Contest News

Catalog of finalists and winners
Catalog of finalists and winners
Saturday October 2nd, 2021
Dear Visitors. We are pleased to present the catalog of the first International Competition of Children's Drawings “Humanity inside the War” with full information about the past event. The
Congratulations to winners in the nomination “Premio speciale”!
Congratulations to winners in the nomination “Premio speciale”!
Wednesday September 29th, 2021
The Organizing Committee of the 1st International Contest of Children's Drawings "Humanity Inside The War" represented by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Chairman of the Interna...
Prof. Paolo Pascolo: video message to participants
Prof. Paolo Pascolo: video message to participants
Monday August 9th, 2021
Dear boys and girls, despite the cage Covid put us all into, the results of the first International Drawing Contest for Children “Humanity inside the War” were astonishing; we received



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